March 18, 2023

About Us

IPROCH (Institute for Promotion and Research on Odisha Culture and Heritage) is a registered society devoted to, as its name suggests, the promotion of Odia culture and heritage. The society is promoted by a group of like minded Odias, who believe that Odisha’s culture and heritage has not received the attention and the appreciation that it richly deserves. Thus it becomes imperative to make all attempts to project and promote the culture and heritage of this ancient land for the benefit of a larger national / international audience as well as the Odia Diaspora at Delhi and other places.

IPROCH is inclusive in nature, and plans to showcase the classical, folk as well as other indigenous cultures from all parts of Odisha. To fulfil these goals, IPROCH plans to hold festivals and other cultural activities at regular intervals. IPROCH is also committed to act as a leader in the area of research and documentation by establishing a research Institute devoted entirely to the culture & heritage of Odisha. It will provide tenures and fellowships to academics, intellectuals, civil society members who have a keen interest in research on any aspect of Odia culture. It will also provide a platform to people to present their research findings by organizing conferences and publication activities at regular intervals. IPROCH will felicitate artists, in the widest sense of the term, who have made a significant contribution in their area of expertise. IPROCH will also encourage young and upcoming artists in various fields by providing scholarships and other support.

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